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5 Most Sustainable Restaurants...We Asked An Expert.

5 Most Sustainable Restaurants...We Asked An Expert.

In our quest to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, we've asked restaurant aficionado Mari Volkosh for her top sustainable restaurant picks. Here's what she had to say.

"In the London restaurant scene, the industry is well aware that sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor when it comes to choosing what - and where - we eat. For some businesses, environmental concerns are at the very heart of what they are, and what they do."

1. Silo in Hackney Wick

A zero-waste restaurant where every single little decision, from the ethos of the farm where some ingredients are sourced to the chair you sit on, is made with one question in mind - what is best for the environment. It is however perhaps also one of those restaurants where the ‘concept’ is more important than, well, anything else.

2. Fallow in St James

Similarly devout to sustainability, but it manages to do so with a bit less austerity a bit more passion for pleasure – set in a luxurious, dimly lit room, it delivers thoughtful nose-to-tail, locally-sourced dining that is gastronomically ingenious.

3. Spring in Somerset House

Set in a stunning, airy & minimalistic 19th century dining room run by Skye Gyngell, whose approach to delicious sustainable dining is through a passion for the produce, served at the peak of their season, in elegant but not overly fussy dishes.

4. Jikoni in Mayfair

Another female chef/owner, Ravinder Bhogal manages to deliver fascinating modern fusion plates inspired by her mixed Indian and East-African heritage whilst working on countless community-centered initiatives and striving for a minimal carbon footprint through sourcing and solar and wind power.

5. Bubala in Soho

On the more casual end, my latest favourite discovery has been a vibrant little spot in Soho. Here, the main focus is delivering great flavour in Middle Eastern small plates that are 100% vegetarian – expect a LOT of garlic, but no regrets.