About Us

To live a sustainable lifestyle, we often have to sacrifice quality or convenience.

The products we repurchase, always use, and have become part of our daily care routines come in *unnecessary* packaging that rarely gets recycled. We are here to change this. With minimal effort and the results you're used to, we offer refillable skincare products that meet your chic and sustainable lifestyle needs.

I founded NecessaryGood because I have always loved beauty and buying new products, but I was tired of having to deal with all the packaging and waste that comes with most beauty products.

"Can I recycle this? Do I need to wash the bottle first? Is this pump too small to be recycled? Can I have just one recycling bin for my household?”


With NecessaryGood you can shop your essential, everyday beauty products that come with our refillable service offering. It’s products that you use on a daily basis kept simple, high-quality that come in our chic and refillable packaging. Stock up on your beauty essentials guilt-free, and we will come, pick up, and take care of your empty refills and packaging once you’re finished. Let us take care of the hard stuff while you practice beauty and self-care.

Assel Kapparova, Founder of NecessaryGood