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5 Things Our Founder Loved This Month

5 Things Our Founder Loved This Month

Here at NecessaryGood, we like to keep it chicand sustainable but, it’s not always easy finding products that do both. Our CEO keeps us in the know with her bi-monthly faves, from food to tv shows to beauty to books and podcasts. Here are her March faves:

1) My La Bouche Rouge lipstick. This refillable lipstick is so chic and you keep the case to refill with different colours once you're done. I have a dark burgundy case because I think it'll only look better and more vintage with time - plus I'm not the neatest so a lighter colour would get dirty really fast. At the moment I'm carrying the shade Cherry Pink which is such a pretty pink and perfect for someone pale and dark-haired like me.


2) I'm loving and hating the new show The Last of Us! It's so nerve-wracking, but so good. Also, anything with Pedro Pascal, yes please.

3) This Ted Talk by Tessa Clarke about the climate benefits of sharing your stuff is concise, punchy, and much-needed. Tessa's facts are so interesting and really make you rethink your leftovers.

4) I recently had dinner at Delamina in Marylebone and I just love the modern take on traditional Mediterranean dishes. I especially recommend the charred cauliflower and halva parfait.

5) Ranunculuses! They are in season now and I just love these flowers.