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How to Love Your Post-Workout Routine And Live Your Best Wellness Life.

How to Love Your Post-Workout Routine And Live Your Best Wellness Life.

Wellness is on all of our minds lately, but how do we achieve it in the most efficient, chic, and sustainable way? Let's be real, we want to work out regularly and leave the gym looking glowy and fresh, and not a disheveled mess (as is often the case by day 7).

We asked May Golchin, the Founder of Studio Ehr, a Circular Activewear Brand and an advocate of movement for overall well-being, for her best tips to help you love your post-workout routine. She works out every day and looks amazing doing it, so she knows her stuff.


"My Gym Bag Essentials"

    1. Ilia Beauty Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 30, the perfect 3-in-1 product for extra protection and a little glow.
    2. Salt of the Earth Stick Deodorant is so easy to use and carry around with me.

    "My Favourite Workout Classes" 
      I was a huge fan of HIIT workouts when I was younger, but these days I prefer to do something less intense but still as effective.
      1. Ballet Barre at Barre Core in Notting Hill with Lucy or RePose Space in Kensington with Sophie. This gets so spicy and painful without breaking a massive sweat.
      2. Reformer Pilates at XClub in Notting Hill or Studio Anatomy in Hackney with Poppy. The history of Pilates and the reformer is so fascinating! If you don’t know, you should read it.
      3. If I want to feel like I’ve been to a party, I do spin. Psycle and SoulCycle are both great.

      "My Post-Gym Skincare Hacks"
      1. Always cleanse and rinse your face with cold water after a workout.
      2. I have acne-prone skin so I wash my body and face with Salicylic Acid-based wash and leave it on my skin for a few minutes before rinsing off.
      3. I gently slap (yes slap) my Vitamin C serum to bring some blood to the surface of the skin - I feel this makes your skin tight temporarily.

      "My Perfect Post-Workout Outfit"

      1. Studio Ehr's Yaz Top in any colour looks great under a blazer with jeans.
      2. Studio Ehr's Flared Leggings are amazing paired with a chunky jumper.