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Our 2023 Wrapped.

Our 2023 Wrapped.

As the year draws to a close, we're taking a moment to appreciate the incredible journey we've shared with you. Your unwavering support has been the heartbeat of our mission towards efficient beauty.

Some '23 Highlights:

1. Community-Powered Moments
Right from our launch, we participated in three amazing pop-ups alongside incredible change-makers like Mirror Water, Cirkel, Stripe & Stare, and Tenth Muse. To those who joined, hope you had a blast! Missed it? Don’t fret, more NecessaryGood moments are coming your way next year.

2. Surpassing 2k+ Subscribers
Hitting over 2k subscribers in this newsletter is jaw-dropping! We're thrilled to be cultivating a community of empowered individuals who adore productivity life hacks, cherish skincare routines, and are passionate about our planet. 

3. Refills: Embracing Sustainability and Efficiency
Our refill pouches, 100% biodegradable and compostable, have been a hit! Seeing you embrace and love them has been beyond thrilling. We’ve been working on something even more innovative and exciting behind the scenes so get ready.

Your Opinion Matters To Us!
At NecessaryGood, we aim to bring you value with everything we do. As we craft the future of our brand, your feedback holds immeasurable value. Join us in shaping the next phase of NecessaryGood, tailored exclusively for you! Take our quick 5-minute survey and become part of the magic. Oh, and there's a delightful surprise waiting for you at the end of the survey. 😉

Message From Assel, Founder NecessaryGood:
"Thank you for being part of our journey at NecessaryGood. Your support means everything to me and fuels our mission. Here's to efficient, refillable skincare!"